Project Description

Wetland Monitoring – Shawano

NES Ecological Services was hired by a private landowner to restore a wetland in Shawano County that had been illegally filled. Our responsibilities included:

  • Preparation and submittal of an acceptable restoration plan to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR)
  • Conduct the planting activities outlined in the submitted restoration plan
  • Monitor the site for invasive species for a period of five years
  • Perform maintenance activities if invasive species are identified
  • Submit annual monitoring reports to the WDNR.

In August of 2004, NES submitted an acceptable restoration and monitoring plan to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. In 2005, native planting activities were conducted. A wet meadow seed mixture was applied to the disturbed area, covering the 0.20 acres. Species included in the seed mix were carefully selected to match the native vegetation present in the adjacent wetland.

NES is responsible for monitoring invasive species, evaluating the success of the native planting, and producing a report. Annual reports include an evaluation of the restoration, a list of plant species found within the community, details related to the eradication of invasive species, and a summary and analyses of data collected.

Careful maintenance during the first few years of growth is the key to a successful native restoration. Native plants were successfully established by years four and five and require relatively little maintenance. NES oversaw maintenance and the removal of invasive species on the site for a five-year period. Maintenance activities included any mowing, trimming, clipping, hand-pulling, or spot herbiciding necessary to maintain the native planting.

Project Details


Shawano County, WI


Private Landowner


Natural Resource Consulting