Project Description

Wetland Mitigation Project

Native Plant Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance

In December of 2005, NES submitted a Federal/State Application for Water Regulatory Permits and Approvals to impact 0.40 acres of wetland for the construction of multiple use condominiums and their associated parking lots and roadways. As part of the plan, a design was submitted for a 0.95-acre scrub-shrub/alder thicket wetland to be constructed as mitigation for the wetland impact. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) granted the permit in early 2007 and the mitigation area was constructed that spring.

Twelve shallow wells were installed to monitor groundwater level fluctuation and photo stations were staked out to track visual change over time.

To achieve the performance standards required by the permit, NES has undertaken an intense management regime within the mitigation area to control and remove invasive species and promote the growth of desirable species. Regular mowing, herbiciding and mechanical removal are conducted along with continued planting of shrubs and seeding of grasses and forbs to bolster the success of the mitigation area. Vegetation surveys, including 90 vegetation plots and a full shrub census, are conducted each growing season to monitor the growth and change within the plant communities present.

NES is required to submit annual monitoring reports for eight years after which the WDNR and USACE will determine if the wetland mitigation area successfully met each required performance standard.

Project Details


Village of Howard, Wisconsin