Project Description

Red Arrow Park – Beach Erosion Control

The Red Arrow Beach Erosion Control Project consists of 400 feet of shoreline that has been highly degraded by wind-blown sand loss. This beach is part of a large complex of Great Lakes beach communities that occur along the interface of water and land on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. These communities are characterized by their dynamic features influenced by changing water levels and storm events; they are also often associated with sparsely vegetated semi-stabilized dune systems.

NES identified potential threats to Red Arrow Beach including:

  • Off-road vehicle use
  • Pedestrian recreational overuse
  • Removal of native vegetation and woody debris
  • Use of herbicides in adjacent areas
  • Introduction of invasive species
  • Storm water runoff

NES professionals have worked closely with the City of Manitowoc to develop solutions to many of these issues and formulate an Erosion Control Management Plan for Red Arrow Park Beach.

The plan was designed to decrease wind-blown sand loss, beautify the community, increase habitat for wildlife and reduce long-term maintenance costs. The project in its final stages will result in the protection and stabilization of the beach through the creation of sand dunes and restoration of native dune vegetation. Native plantings will also provide food, water, shelter and nesting habitat for a diversity of wildlife species.

Project Details


City of Manitowoc, WI


Native Habitat Restoration