Project Description

NWTC Stream Restoration

NES restoration specialists are in the process of restoring approximately 500 feet of eroded stream bank on an unnamed tributary to Duck Creek in Green Bay, Wisconsin. NES is working closely with Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College and the Green Bay Botanical Garden, while designing the restoration to address concerns and evaluate problem areas on the property. The project implementation, which began in the fall of 2006, involves slope stabilization, bioengineering and a planting of native trees, shrubs and wetland plants.

NES, in conjunction with engineers of Robert E. Lee and Associates, assessed the site and developed bioengineering strategies. A combination of coconut coir log, Bio Sox, and cobble stone installation were used to secure the stream banks.

The native riparian buffer is designed to prevent erosion of fine sediments into the stream and suppress exotic species that once dominated the area. The seed mix used within this area includes a number of grass, sedge and wild flower species that will provide an aesthetically pleasing area and stabilize the improved slopes. NES will continue to monitor the progress of the stream restoration project and maintain the native plantings until they become well established.

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Brown County, WI


Native Habitat Restoration