Project Description

Living Snow Fence Planting – WisDOT R.O.W.

NES’s erosion control and site restoration work in the utility sector led to this project.

As a large Midwestern utility needed to upgrade their services in this region, NES was contracted to replace approximately one linear mile of existing living shrubs that needed to be removed during construction. Over 4,000 bare-root native shrubs were installed in the WisDOT right-of-way to act as a living snow fence protection for Interstate 94.

NES assigned one of its ecologists as project manager early on in the process to maintain continuity throughout the project.

Timing and coordination of operations were critical for this project.

The plant and associated materials needed to be secured in advance.

Equipment and crews needed to be mobilized

On-site communication with all those involved in the project was necessary.

Site-specific mapping was required to indicate locations of environmentally sensitive areas (e.g. wetlands) and site-specific training.

Safety protocols were reviewed and in place throughout the course of the project.

The NES team consistently communicated with impacted landowners to ensure they understood what and why operations were taking place.

The project was completed in the summer of 2010 with great success. Ongoing maintenance is occurring to ensure maximum shrub survival. Maintenance includes watering, rodent protections, and weed control of species that can hinder shrub growth and spread. The project resulted in survivability goals being met, along with client and landowner satisfaction.

Project Details


Monroe County, Wisconsin


Native Habitat Restoration