Project Description

Golf Course Storm Water Facility

NES Ecological Services, A Division of Robert E. Lee & Associates, Inc., assembled a planting plan to naturally vegetate a newly constructed storm water basin at a golf course located in Brown County, Wisconsin. The planting plan was designed to increase storm water management capabilities, beautify the community, increase habitat for wildlife, and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

The planting plan consists of three major areas:

  1. The aquatic live planting zones, those areas containing standing water.
  2. The wet meadow zone, located on the basin’s slope just within and above the waterline.
  3. The upland zone, which extends from the basin’s slopes to the extents of the project area.

Each zone contains a specific list of species that were carefully selected based upon their suitability to the anticipated hydrologic, soil, and light conditions that will be created once the basin is constructed.

The planting will need limited maintenance once it is fully established. However, careful maintenance during the first three to four years of growth is the key to a successful native planting. Mowing, spot treatment using herbicide, and hand cutting of invasive weeds will be necessary during this time period. By year four and beyond, native plants should be successfully established and require limited attention.

NES will inspect and monitor the planting so that the suggested maintenance activities can be conducted to ensure optimum success of the site.

Project Details


Brown County, WI


Native Habitat Restoration