Project Description

Cloverleaf Lakes Shoreland Restoration

NES prepared two Lake Planning Grants subsequently awarded to the Cloverleaf Lakes Protective Association (CLPA) by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).

The ultimate goal of these grants was the production of two publications that:

  1. Educate the residents around the Cloverleaf Lakes about the important interactions that occur between a lake and its shoreline.
  2. Provide shoreland restoration options to those individuals that want to undertake their own project.
  3. Supply descriptions and photographs of shoreland restoration projects implemented around the lake system.

As part of the grants, a number of demonstration projects were undertaken to provide examples to Cloverleaf Lakes residents of successful shoreland restorations. NES designed shoreland restoration plans including native vegetation species lists for each project. NES also assisted many of the landowners with installation of the demonstration projects. NES will continue to assist the CLPA, its members and Shawano County residents with designing and implementing shoreland restorations.

In addition to designing shoreland restorations, NES also conducted a shoreland vegetation survey of the Cloverleaf Lakes chain. Vegetation along the shoreline was inventoried and invasive species and emergent communities were mapped. Soil samples were taken in natural areas and Secchi Disk water depths were taken in emergent communities.

Project Details


Shawano County, Wisconsin


Native Habitat Restoration