About NES Ecological Services

NES Ecological Services is a committed group of ecologists whose diverse backgrounds include wetland, wildlife, habitat restoration, and plant ecology. Located in Green Bay and Madison, Wisconsin, NES is fully equipped to serve clients throughout the Midwest and beyond.

As a division of Robert E. Lee & Associates, Inc., NES is able to team with engineers, planners, GIS experts, surveyors, and CAD/drawing specialists to meet the needs of any client.

Our clients include private landowners, state and federal agencies, lake associations, private industry and non-profit organizations.

Typical projects might include wetland delineation/identification, navigable water determination, stream restoration, erosion control, riparian forest planting, wetland restoration, Environmental Impact Assessments and various other assessments.

NES’s corporate culture is founded in natural resource stewardship and excels in formulating innovative solutions to allow protection of sensitive natural resources while providing for well-planned development. NES personnel come from diverse professional backgrounds – a necessity in meeting the varied challenges we face for our clients.

Our Senior Ecologist

James Havel

Mr. Havel has a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science with an emphasis in wetland ecology and ornithology from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Management and Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

He is a member of the Society of Wetland Scientists, Wisconsin Wetland Association, Wisconsin Society of Ornithology, Society of Ecological Restoration, and Wild Ones. Mr. Havel’s extensive experience and training beyond his degrees are the foundation of the wetland and habitat restoration-related services offered at NES. Mr. Havel is a Wisconsin DNR Assured Wetland Delineator and oversees all wetland projects ranging from boundary delineations to full-scale mitigation designs, permit applications with functional values assessments, and feasibility studies. He has also conducted surveys for threatened and endangered species. Mr. Havel also oversees our native restoration services including the creation and restoration of native community types such as forests, dunes, wetlands, prairies, and he participates in habitat installation and management activities.

Recent Projects